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Family Violence against Women in Modern Russia

Kalabikhina I.E., Kozlov V.A. Family Violence against Women in Modern Russia: Influence of Spouses' Socio-Demographic Characteristics on Prevalence of Violence // Scientific Researches of Economic Faculty. 2009. V.1, Is.1. p. 62-84.Загрузить файл в формате PDF

The paper concerns with the influence of socio-demographic and psychological characteristics of Russian families on domestic violence against women occurrence. The article focuses on the main groups of family violence, the profile of vulnerable families; there are several econometric models discovering the main determinants of high domestic violence level. As a result we confirm empirically that the family violence against women depends on the propensity of the individuals to be androcentric in gender relationships and the tolerance to violence in the whole society

Key words: family violence, socio-demographic characteristics, gender.

JEL codes: C5; J1.