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Dmitry E. Danilov Existence of Cyclical and Non-Cyclic Interactions between Markets


The issue of the intensity of digitalization in various economic sectors causes the increasing scientific interest among economists and government officials. A correct assessment of the impact of the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, on complexes markets is an important task for understanding the process and its impact on the country’s economy. In this paper, a version of a theoretical model is proposed that demonstrates the presence of cyclical and non-cyclical connections between the markets. As a tool of illustration, graph theory was used, which is the main way of game theory for demonstration the rational behavior of participants-players.

The companion idea of current work is the fundamental question of economic theory, which is expressed in the existence of the dominate role of the firm in markets with technological link, which may be cyclical or non-cyclical. The example of the cyclic linkage of the markets may be the interaction between markets of a software and OS, while example markets prone digitalization may be high processing industry.

Keywords: graph theory, software and operating system markets, Industry 4.0, industrial revolution

JEL codes: A 12, B 49, C 02.