Научные исследования экономического факультета. Электронный журнал.

Opening remarks

Dear Reader!

We would like to present to you a new issue of Electronic Journal of Faculty of Economics.

This issue is devoted to the scientific events that have taken place at the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. These are the annual scientific conference "Problems of methodology of modern economic science and its practical aspects in the field of competition and industrial policy", which took place on 15 March 2016, and a scientific seminar "Economics and psychology: potential for cooperation", which took place on March 21, 2016. It is noteworthy that the organizers and spiritual inspirers of these events were two dynamically developing Departments of the Faculty of Economics – Department of Philosophy and Methodology of Economics and Department of industrial and competition policy.

These scientific events could unite scientists of both Moscow and regional higher education institutions and scientific centers. 

The issue includes articles that have not only important theoretical but also applied practical significance. There is an article that presents approaches to the formation of modern economic knowledge identified through research of representatives of the philosophy and methodology of the economy. It continues theoretical researches a work that identifies new approach to understanding the institutional mechanisms to motivate the managing of the individual, who can be used to address a variety of economic issues.

Two articles prepared on the basis of reports on the scientific seminar "Economics and psychology: potential for cooperation", are devoted to a complex relationship of psychology and economics, and behavioral economics and neuroeconomics.

The issue contains two articles relating to the applied researches. One is devoted to measures aimed at reducing the risks in the Antitrust area. The results of the application of an expert-test approach of technology readiness level assessment for the solution of practical tasks in the knowledge-based sectors of economy are analyzed in another article.

It has become a good tradition the publication of young researcher’s works. In the pages of this issue they talk about the role of the hypothesis as a form of modern economic science development. We ask you not to judge them too strictly as this is their first steps in science. However, they give great expectations in terms of successful scientific future.

We are glad to cooperate and looking forward to your publications and feedback about the articles published in this issue.




The President of the Faculty of Economics


Lomonosov Moscow State University


Professor Vasiliy Kolesov



Deputy chief editor,


Head of the Department of Philosophy and Methodology


of economics of the Faculty of Economics


Lomonosov Moscow State University


Professor Leonid Tutov