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Еlena R. Sharko, Igor I. Saveliev Using Digital Technologies in the Domestic Companies’ Strategy Formation

Еlena R. Sharko, Igor I. Saveliev Using Digital Technologies in the Domestic Companies’ Strategy Formation // Scientific Research of Faculty of Economics. Electronic Journal. 2019. Volume 11. Issue 2. P. 105-119


The article deals with the features of the development and formation of the digital economy as a new era and the conditions for the functioning of modern companies. The digital economy is a new way and functioning mode of the market which competition has become even more toughened, and methods have become more diverse and high-tech. The authors substantiate the need to form a strategy for the development of companies taking into account new digital concepts and tools. The authors proposed the concept and structure of media space, highlighted the elements of macro-and mesosphere of the company. Also, a study was conducted to identify the basic requirements that consumers impose when choosing a company for further interaction in the search media space. Before ordering products (services, works), future customers carefully study information about the company on the Internet, analyze web-site, read reviews, blogs that affect the decision to buy. The results can be used in the formation of the concept of development of the company's strategy, both in the field of material production and in the field of services and the provision of various works.

Key words: strategy, media space, macro-and mesosphere, digital economy, company website, survey, evaluation of information relevance elements.

JEL codes: D83, M31, O30.