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Lyudmila V. Dukanich, Elena A. Kuvshinova Multi-criteria Assessment of Entrepreneurial Activity in the Regions of the Far Eastern Federal District


Due to the lack of entrepreneurial activity in many regions of the Russian Federation, limited investment resources, which have become especially acute due to the pandemic, the objective assessment of entrepreneurial activity as a basis for developing an effective program to support entrepreneurship for each region becomes particularly relevant and practical. The goal of paper is  development of methodological and instrumental approaches to solving the problem of quantitative assessment of business activity in the region based on comparison of a number of indicators. This article offers a methodological approach to solving the complex problem of assessing the entrepreneurial activity of regions in a multi-criteria setting using the "TOPSIS" method. Testing of the proposed tools is carried out on the example of the subjects of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal district. As a result of the implementation of the "TOPSIS" algorithm, integral estimates of the business activity of the subjects of the Russian Federation of the Far Eastern Federal district were obtained using private criteria. As a result, it is concluded that the use of the "TOPSIS" method for multi-criteria assessment of business activity of regions for its state support at the Federal and regional levels due to: the first, a mathematically sound and relatively simple algorithm for calculating integral estimates; the second, the possibility of multi-criteria problem formulation without limiting the number of criteria involved; the third, minimizing the influence of subjective factors; the forth, the possibility of using integrated assessments as ratings of regional territories and organizing monitoring of business activity in these regions based on them.

Keywords: business activity of the region, private indicators of business activity, integrated assessment, the "TOPSIS" method

JEL codes: M21, O018, R11.

Lyudmila V. Dukanich, Elena A. Kuvshinova Multi-criteria Assessment of Entrepreneurial Activity in the Regions of the Far Eastern Federal District // Scientific Research of Faculty of Economics. Electronic Journal. 2020. Volume 12. Issue 3. P. 7-15