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Muza A. Sazhina, Artem V. Gavrilyuk Intellectual Property in an Innovative Economy: Methodological Aspects


The article reveals the economic content of intellectual property as a ratio of the appropriation and alienation of property. It is shown that intellectual property acts as a unity of a person’s mental abilities, which are expressed in his ability to solve various kinds of problems, and the result of these abilities is the net income of the owner obtained as a result of alienation. The role of intellectual property as the most important changing factor in the development of an innovative economy is considered. The participation of the state and business in the use of intellectual property and the intensification of innovation is shown. The article discloses modern trends in the development of innovations aimed at a high degree of automation and the use of new technologies for continuous self-replicating economic growth, improving the welfare and standard of living of society, and the development of the human person.

Keywords: Intellectual property, innovation, innovative economy, results of intellectual activity, tangible and intangible knowledge, human capital, human personality.

Jel codes: В 410, О 150, О 310, О 340.

Muza A. Sazhina, Artem V. Gavrilyuk Intellectual Property in an Innovative Economy: Methodological Aspects // Scientific Research of Faculty of Economics. Electronic Journal. 2020. Volume 12. Issue 2. P. 26-39