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Anna B. Aleshina Opportunities and Risks of Forced Remote Work


In the current conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, the life of society, the functioning of the economy and, in particular, the labor market have changed dramatically. Along with the world labor market, the Russian market has faced new challenges, and timely and efficient response to the challenges will influence not only the success, but also the viability of many companies. The main challenge was the need to carry out work in a remote format. Some organizations that have already used distance employment have been able to adapt relatively easily to the new work format, while others are experiencing difficulties. As the number of incidence continues to grow, it becomes clear that remote work is gaining increasing popularity, which makes this topic especially interesting and relevant.

This article presents an analysis of various sources of information about the practices of remote work over the past few years, about the features of the forced remote format over the past few months. As the results, the main opportunities and restrictions for workers and employers were identified, as well as the main challenges for the community of human resources (HR) specialists.

Key words: distance employment, remote work, unemployment, labor market in a pandemic, opportunities and limitations, personnel management.

JEL codes: J 63, J 64, J 81, J 88.

Anna B. Aleshina Opportunities and Risks of Forced Remote Work // Scientific Research of Faculty of Economics. Electronic Journal. 2020. Volume 12. Issue 4. P. 44-55