Научные исследования экономического факультета. Электронный журнал.

Еkaterina А. Zubova, Alexandr A. Izmailov, Leonid A. Tutov Review of the 144th meeting of the Dispute club “Economic Policy Knots” of the Association of the Russian Economic Think Tanks on the Topic “Do agricultural holdings contribute to the achieve


The work is devoted to a review of the results of the 144rd meeting of the Dispute Club “Economic Policy Knots” of the Association of Russian Economic Think Tanks (hereinafter referred to as ARETT) on the topic “Do agricultural holdings contribute to the achievement of the national development goals of Russia”. The purpose of the event was to discuss he development of agricultural holdings and their impact on the development of agriculture in Russia. Disputants were Vasiliy Yakimovich Uzun, Senior Researcher at the Center for Agri-Food Policy of IPEI RANEPA, and Elena Viktorovna Serova, HSE Director for Agrarian Policy. The review presents the key ideas of the disputants, and also summarizes the main results of their answers to questions.

Keywords: agriculture, agricultural policy, agricultural holding, farming.

JEL codes: F40, G18, О16.