Научные исследования экономического факультета. Электронный журнал.

Olga V. Kudryavtseva, Petr A. Kulikov, Anna O. Kulikova, Viktoria V. Fokina The Influence of Social Capital on Pro-environmental Behavior of Individuals

DOI: 10.38050/2078-3809-2021-13-1-52-81


By way of our investigation we examine the interconnection between the social capital and the pro-environmental behavior of an individual. To estimate the influence, we use WVS’s data for 2011 referred to the USA, as well as we build models assessed by using OLS. We suppose that the general confidence, trust in neighbors, as well as an individual’s shared identity affect greatly and positively participation in ecological demonstrations, donations to ecological companies, as well as the general evaluation of an individual’s pro-environmental behavior. Our results confirm the positive influence of the trust in neighbors on the general evaluation of individual’s pro-environmental behavior. And the dependence is stronger for those who trust in people in general. Self-identity as a cosmopolitan influences all variables examined of pro-environmental behavior. This testifies the strong connection between the social capital and environmental protection concern.

Keywords: global values survey, trust, identity, pro-environmental behavior and social capital.

JEL: P32, Q56.

For citation: Kudryavtseva, O. V., Kulikov, P. A., Kulikova, A.O., Fokina, V. V. (2021). The Influence of Social Capital on Pro-environmental Behavior of Individuals. Scientific Research of Faculty of Economics. Electronic Journal, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 52-81. DOI: 10.38050/2078-3809-2021-13-1-52-81