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Yulia E. Mikhailova Competitive Analysis of the Russian Online Banking Market


The functioning of the digital economy determines the introduction of Internet technologies in almost all areas of business. In recent years, online banking systems have become widespread in Russia, which contribute to the appearance of new competitive factors in the banking services market. By providing services via the Internet, the banks can improve their financial performance and effectiveness by offering customers more services in a convenient format and on the most profitable conditions. Nowadays online banking as a tool for providing banking services is crucially important for the improvement of a commercial bank’ competitiveness. This work is a research of the modern Russian online banking market, which is devoted to the competitive analysis of its participants using marketing instruments and Internet resources. The purpose of the study is to develop practical recommendations for improving companies’ competitiveness in the Russian online banking market on a concrete example.

Keywords: online banking, internet banking, online banking market, competitive analysis, competitive advantage, competitiveness of a commercial bank.

JEL codes: М31.

Yulia E. Mikhailova Competitive Analysis of the Russian Online Banking Market // Scientific Research of Faculty of Economics. Electronic Journal. 2020. Volume 12. Issue 2. P. 69-102